We have a 7 and 4 year old that ride in the rear in car seats. I’ve always used the normal seat belt method to buckle them in along with attaching the upper strap to an area in the bed. It was okay but had a little too much movement since the seat belts can relax.
I wanted a better way to buckle in the rear seats and make more room for my kids, so I made some new attachment points for the LATCH buckles. I removed the seat backs and gained a couple of inches. They are easily added back via 4 bolts if needed. I then added some 1/4″ loops to the lower part of the seat bases after I made sure that the LATCH buckles would secure to them. The upper strap was then tethered to the lower bar since it clipped right in to an existing slot.
Overall, the car seat is very tight to the seat base, and I feel like it will not move like before. They are easy to install quickly, and can still be removed with the base like you are removing a normal seat. The last picture is somewhat of a before and after trying to show the extra inches I gained. Anyone else try to ‘hard install’ car seats?
Edit: Sorry the images are rotated

Disclaimer: I’m not suggesting this is as good as the LATCH system in a normal vehicle. I’m still going to be using the seat belt in the normal manner for safety.

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