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Hi All,

Trying to wrap my head around this. So was out driving last night and would hear an audible clunk when letting off the gas.. sometimes a strange vibration. Got out. Checked everything over… couldnt figure it out. It was sticky gravely dirt so I thought maybe its the little rocks getting thrown and hitting. Drove fine. About 100yards from camp on the way back the drivers side rear wheel snapped off.

All 4 lugs were sheared off. The rotor holes were 1.5 the size they should be now from obvious wearing….

Not the biggest deal in the world.. just ordered a new hub, new rotor and new studs.. quick swap out.

But the question is HOW? Prior to this trip I greased the rear bearings and re-torqued both sides lugs to 110ft/lbs. I drove maybe 50 miles total after putting wheel back on prior to it going splat. So glad I was next to camp. I was in some crazy stuff prior.. not sure how we would have gotten out.

I’m starting to think… I recently purchased a tusk scissor jack for the RZR. Every trip since I purchased that Jack I’ve needed to use that jack as my RZR breaks something.. maybe I need to throw that jack away!

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