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I have not been very active on the forum lately because I have been too busy not commuting 4 hours each way to work for 4 days and then back home. My wife has been full time at our home in St George since 7/1/2016, and I was still working in the Salt Lake area. I tried to get them to let me work remotely which would have been easy to do, but my company would not go for it, so I had to say goodbye. I thought I would really miss work, but not the case at ALL! Many have told me they can’t figure out how they ever had time to work once that have retired. That is SO true! :rofl3: I have gotten so many projects done and still have many more to do! I am LOVING it!

I am now Keeper of the Castle, the grounds, the carriages, the chef, the Butler, Maid and animal tender. As long as my wife is still working and making great money for us, I am happy to handle everything else!

We finally got trailer a few weeks ago so will be covering much more of the west exploring with the RZR. We also have purchased a motorhome and I am getting it ready for awesome trips. The first is going to the fall colors ride at the South 40 RV Park in Marysvale UT the last weekend of this month. We have now been over to Coral Pink for an awesome ride and intend to spend much more time riding and camping there.

I look forward to meeting more forum members as we are able to attend some events and camp, ride and socialize.

Marv :ride:

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