Does Ride Command (one on the RZR) highlight the route to get to the waypoint at all? So when I drop a pin/waypoint let’s say 10 miles up the trail, will Ride Command highlight that route/trail?

When riding last Saturday, the wife and I were trying to figure out if it did or not. In 2011 with my Polaris Rush I bought a Garmin & used a paid trail map that a guy in WI was making (worked pretty well). When I set a waypoint or destination on there it highlighted the trails path I was on so I knew which way to follow.

On the Ride Command, we set a waypoint, but it wasn’t as useful as we’d like it to be. With a lot of roads to cross, logging roads and multiple other trail intersections we came across; we were always stopping to zoom in and out to make sure we were on the correct trail still. This seemed counter-intuitive.

My wife & I on our cellphones downloaded offline maps with the Ride Command phone app. We noticed it didn’t seem like the maps were working once we lost cell reception (I downloaded 900mb, most of the state). Yhe app one time said we needed to connect to wifi lol. I’m guessing her & I were doing something wrong?

I might have to use my phone to follow the trails close up & use the RZR’s Ride Command in plan view and cover the whole area to make sure were still on course.

Most any input is appreciated.

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