We were in Mexico on day 1 heading down to San quintin (? How you spell it) it was getting dark and in the dust I turned my bar on so the car behind me could see where were headed
At 1 turn we stopped to make sure everyone was still together and the car behind me asked if I would turn it off said it was too bright and messing up his vision , so this suckered is bright:rofl3:
Had a blast 5 days ? Too may tacos and 400 plus miles can’t wait till next trip 6 cars and chase truck just loved how you can go pretty much where you want paved or dirt just go ,great food and friendly people once you get below ensenada( pretty sketchy their) and the farther south the cheaper food and hotels get, gas is a bit pricey but evert hinges else offsets it. Anyone who has the chance to go you won’t be sorry:ride:

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