PU-Products stocks over 100 different styles of bungee straps, dog leashes, rifle slings and rolls of rubber from ROK Straps.

We offer stretch straps with loops on both ends that go around roll bars and racks. Straps with hooks for pick up trucks. Adjustable and fixed length straps in 5/8, 3/4 and one inch widths, with breaking strains up to more than 250 pounds.

Stretch dog leashes in 3 sizes, that feature a lower lead that you can secure to a seat belt in a UTV or street vehicle. Collars, too.

We just got 8 new AR rifle slings (no on our site yet)

Rolls of rubber in four sizes for custom products.

We are always looking for dealers, too. 20% off web prices for Forum members.

See us at PU-Products-STUFF YOU NEED!. Call Mitch at 619-507-4503 for info.

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