I have been looking for in car and car to car communications since the first ride in my RZR. I have looked at every company and option available. Rugged, PCI, knockoff brands, two way radios and everything in between. I even bugged the guys at rugged for 8 months with questions.

Wednesday morning I finally placed my order with them. Intercom and car to car system. Several things impressed me. I spoke with Just at Rugged. Polite, professional and knowledgable. He listened to what I wanted and made informed recommendations. Wednesday afternoon I received an email stating my order was shipped.

I spent yesterday tearing the RZR apart getting everything ready for the install. I arrived home as the USPS truck was pulling away from the house. Like a kid at Christmas the packaging was destroyed. To my dismay I was missing two helmet kits. I called Just, who I feel should be a drinking buddy now, to let him know of the missing kits. After an apology, who apologizes anymore, he assured me the kits would be mailed out today. This afternoon I received another shipping confirmation email.

Minus the helmet kits, I installed the system today. I have a few adjustments to make for the VOX with the intercom but other than that everything was smooth.

I would like to thank Just and everyone at Rugged. Top notch company and top notch people. I wish that every company, especially Polaris, were run like and had people like Rugged Radios. You will drop some money with your order but you will be well taken care of. Thank you Rugged and Just. You guys are awesome!

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