We have 4 RZ-Big Box RAX Systems available for $500, with a 24 can A/O Cooler. The box features 2800 cubic inches of locking storage space in an aluminum box 20 x 15 x 9.5 inches. Choose either a turn lock or keyed lock.

Stainless mounting hardware and no drilling required, it fits into 4 Lock & Ride holes. Coolers come in black, silver, blue and Mossy Oak.

Two Boxes are powder coated black, and two can be custom colored at no additional charge(provided the colors are available). This is a $99.00 discount.
Shipping is extra.

Go to PU-Products-STUFF YOU NEED!. Call Mitch at 619-507-4503 to order, or for more info.

Utah RZR Rentals