Hello again, I’ve searched thru posts but can’t seem to find what I’m looking for, so here goes

I’ve recently purchased a 2012 RZR 4 XP900. I need to rpl. the rockers on both sides due to some minor damage. Need regular service parts also, but I’ll figure that out. Where would you suggest I shop for the best prices? I’ve checked with my local dealer and they are higher than any web place I’ve found so far.

I’ve read to go with the oem air filter. The blue one I guess, and that there is no fuel filter on this, yet they show one on diagrams.

Looking forward to adding accessories also, such as mirror, winch etc.

Anyone tried the winches from Harbor Freight? The Polaris ones are sooooo expensive.

Thanks for the input, I’ll post pictures later when I’m done with it.

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