Im new to the forums, but like most new members, i come in need of help! I have owned my 2012 570 for about a year, bought it used with 100 hours on it. put quite a few miles on it since then, i am almost ready to do my first oil change.

When i bought it, the dealer claimed full fluid flushes, and a wheel bearing were changed. I immediately had issues with popping, but they did the software update and changed my plug, and it has run flawlessly all summer.

Until now! I was out on a 20 mile or so trail ride, my trail system is about 5 miles (blacktop) from my house. Ride out was fine, hit some mud holes and rough stuff on the trails, and on the way back, i had this terrible noise!

Here is a link to the noise.

Machine has a full skid plate, so i don’t think a rock or anything hit it. My first thought was something rubbing on the shaft, but i can’t find anything. Its only apparent above 20mph with the driveshaft cover on, but you can hear it about 5mph, and extremely loud at 20 with the cover off. Is it that universal joint, or is my diff toast? I checked the diff, it has fluid.

Thanks guys, let me know what you think!

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