I mainly do trail riding 95% of the time which is technical, tight and full of a lot of cornering. Rarely can I open my machine up past 35mph on most trails.

I like my 800s, but it just seems to be lacking hp/tq (not that I really need more, but I want more).

My 800s is paid for, I just did a bunch of maintenance to it and bought a bunch of aftermarket stuff for it. It will more than likely stay as my dedicated plow machine and eventually get passed on to the wife to drive. when I buy another machine.

I cant decide between a 900XP or 900s 88hp on the older models, or a newer 1000s.

Most decent 900XP machines used are in the $10k range while the 1000’s are in the $14k-$16k range where I live.

I am torn as what to buy next and was curious on your opinions. I know the 1000’s are around 100HP which is a bunch compared to the 900, but my current machine only has around 53HP or so and anything would be a big upgrade at this point. Really looking for the TQ or low end grunt.

Looking for a good reliable engine and drive-train that will last me many years to come with regular maintenance.

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