Two weeks ago my wife and I were at a 10th Anniversary ride and BBQ for a club we ride with about 1.5 hours from us. Long story short, we won a Polaris 15 qt cooler ($189), Polaris Tenacity Moto Helmet ($110) and two light jackets, one from Polaris and the other from a sponsored car dealer.

Because of this size of tool box, the cooler won’t fit inside the truck so, I made mod #8 using one of my two RotoPax brackets and a piece of 5/8in plywood. I think it turned out pretty good, the platform is as solid as a rock and I will be using a ratchet strap to secure it down…unless someone else has a better idea, I’m all open for suggestions. Now I just have to take it out and test it to make sure I don’t to do a mod to this mod!

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