I’m looking for a RZR Double Gun Boot Mount to fit the stock cage on my 2011 RZR 800-4. Most everything I find for the RZR 800’s require a Lock & Ride Extension (that seems to be discontinued and hard to come by). However, I found a picture online that shows a mount attached to a RZR 800-4 without the extension mount. This is the route I’d like to go with, but I can’t find the mount. I’ve attached the first picture for reference.

However, I did find a mount that lists for the 2015/2016 900’s that I like the looks of, and wondered if it would fit my 800? So wondered if you 900 guys could measure the width of your back cage for me so I can see how the dimensions compare to my 800? I’ve attached a picture of that mount too (2nd picture). Thanks for any help or input….

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