With all the rzr fires recently. I started looking at my 2014 900xp. I noticed the fuel cell vent line runs into a box right behind the driver seat.
Also when talking to the tec at the polaris dealer about the voltage reg recall on my machine. I asked him, am I gonna burn up in this because of the voltage reg? His response was, all of the fires he knows of were after a roll over.
This got me thinking. Coming from the rock crawler world. And having built a few of them with fuel cells in them. Why is there no tip over valve plumbed into the rzr fuel cell vent line from the factory? When you roll without one, fuel pours through the vent line like pouring fuel out of a gas can. With a tip over valve the line is closed when upside down. They work…trust me I’ve been there many times in my crawler.
So why not in a rzr? I’m going to put one on mine. Cheap insurance I think. There has to be a connection I think! You have to have fuel for a fire to start.
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