A friend of mine rolled my XP4 1000 yesterday at the dunes and I’m seeking a little input from those with more experience. Not on the topic of my friend driving and crashing my ride though… I got enough advise on that topic from my wife.

The roll over was fairly tame. He gave it too much going down a small dune and it over rotated on landing and rolled along the front bumper and onto the roof and stopped. The engine was immediately turned off and we rolled it onto the passenger side within a couple minutes. Five minutes later someone pulled us back onto the wheels. Here’s the damage report and where I’d like some input.

1. The roll cage is bent backwards maybe an inch or two where the front doors won’t latch and the back doors are nearly jammed closed. I can have the cage replaced, but do you think any real damage could have been done to the true frame? Anywhere below where the cage bolts on? Like I said, it rolled right onto my front bumper and onto the hood. Nothing too jarring. Everything looks in place and the engine runs fine.

2. Oil was leaking out when it was upside down and on it’s side. Oil went into the air intake on the passenger side and got into the air filter box. I can clean the box and replace the filter. It looks like a SMALL amount went past the air filter into whatever intake that leads to. What should I do, look for, or be aware of here? Again the engine runs fine and I haven’t even experienced any smoking or sputtering yet.

I guess I’m hoping that I can add some oil, get the thing cleaned up, the roll cage replaced, and keep on trucking. But I’m not a mechanic and don’t know what to be concerned about or what to look for.

Thanks, Justin

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