I’m just creating this thread for anyone out there that may be searching this topic. I was in the market for a RZR 4 a couple weeks ago and information was limited.

I’m going to give a lament term non technical comparison of the two. This is based on my experience and the 4 others that had the chance to compare them.

My ride for the last year was a 2016 RZR S 900 EPS and my wife rode an RZR 570. It was our first full year with the RZR after being ATV riders for many years. Well needless to say we are hooked and my wife’s 570 just sold and I bought a new 2017 RZR 4 900 EPS. We just needed he extra seating because we always have company at our cottage and the 2 x 2 seaters weren’t cutting it.

This was the first weekend where I really had a chance to put it to the test. Both vehicles still have stock suspension and tires. Not for long, shredded a tire on the 900 this weekend.

My original concerns… RZR 4 would be underpowered, would feel like limousine, and I wouldn’t like it as much as LOVE my RZR 900. Regardless, I needed a 4 seat machine (soon to be 5) and I pulled the trigger.

I put 94 miles on it this weekend and I am absolutely amazed at how great this machine is. Steep hills, mud, rocky terrain, dirt roads, deep water. When you sitting in the drivers seat it feels the exact same as the 900. Well it’s because it is but what I mean that when your driving also. It feels compact, it feels sporty, and best of all… the larger wheel base made the suspension extremely comfortable to drive.

For what it’s worth I’m a very aggressive driver and have no issues driving at high speeds on washboard trails and rollers. I drove the same way on both machines and I simply didn’t feel as comfortable on the 900 as I did the 900 4.

The only place were I wasn’t as confident (at first) was the extremely technical rocky terrain where I needed to crawl over the rocks. I’m in Northern Ontario it’s there is a lot of rocks. The extra long wheelbase made me a little more cautious of the exposed hazards and it made my ass pucker a couple times but I also enjoyed the challenge of having to be more precise navigating through it.

I had a 4 friends at the cottage for the weekend and we rotated between the two machines and an ATV and they all felt the same way. RZR 4 was the ride of choice.

Again, not very technical but sometimes specs can overwhelm real world experience.

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