I came across this on my 2018 XP Turbo Dynamix but I’m thinking that it applies to all RZR seats, so I’m wondering if anyone has seen this before. I didn’t find anything searching the forum, at least not the way that I searched.

The pins that lock the seats in their forward/aft position have come loose and the seats are moving forward and backward a little less than an inch as I’m riding. I took a seat apart today and the nylock nut that is between the seat frame and the seat bottom cushion was loose and did not tighten up where it felt like it was going to stay. I’m assuming that the other seat has the same condition. It’s still under warranty so it’s going back, could this be a generic safety issue? I bought it in March, the first ride was in April and I have 1274 miles on it, most without a passenger but that seat has the same condition.

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