Recently picked up a Jagged X from original owner with just under 2000 miles and 200 hours. Runs good so far no complaints.

It’s time to do some servince on it…….I’m going to change the oil and have new Polaris oil from the previous owner. I do not have a filter. Is there an acceptable oil filter replacement or is it time to plunk down the $14 for the factory filter? I’ve seen some talk of the Wix 51356 as a substitute. Acceptable?

What other service should I look at doing with the current mileage? I have service records and see some prior service.
How often is trans and diff service recommended? Since I’m not sure the last time these were done, I’m inclined to do this as well as the oil change. The previous owner said it was due for an oil change, but who knows where he was with the other fluid change timetable.

I also pulled out the paper air filter element and it had quite a bit of dirt in the pleats, but appears to have been sealed good to the air box and air box lid as I do not see dirt particles on the engine side of the filter or in the air box. New filter going in.

Do XP900’s have a replaceable fuel filter?

Any other preventative maintenance suggestions for a new owner with a used machine?
Thanks in advance.

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