After much research and a lot of hesitation (especially with the wife) I decided to pull the trigger and purchase a stage 3 plus kit from shock therapy for my 2017 xp4. I received the kit Friday and installed it over the weekend.

The installation was not bad at all (other than locating the o-ring from on of the shock mounts that rolled into the abyss for an hour. With each shock and spring it was easier and easier.

I was able to take it out on Sunday for a brief run and wow am I impressed. It made the rzr so much better. My wife was even happy with the purchase after the ride. I did not think the kit would make such an improvement but it is like a whole new rzr. Plus I finally have my clearance back as my ride even with onl y 500 miles on it was really sagging.

I would encourage anyone to invest in a set. I don’t see how anyone could be unhappy.

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