Hi all! New forum user and potential RZR owner. I have been actively involved in the motorcross and atv scene and would like to purchase my first Rzr to use to get around my farm and down to the lake about 2 miles down the road. I came across this RZR 900 S 3500 miles about an hour way and we are at $8,500 per his description it is EPS has clean title and per the seller: ” Tires are good of course show a little wear but the rzr was all backroad driven. I’ve only taken it an off-road park once. Interior is clean no issues. The engine has no problems. All recall work completed. It has a light bar, rgb rock lights, assault industries grill, windshield, and a radio. The radio needs wiring work but it does work. Everything else works as it should. Also just installed a winch not too long ago. I replaced only one part since I’ve owned it which is the shift cable. It snapped on me when I went to load it onto my trailer. Was $100″

What do you guys think?

Edit: also includes cab enclosure… Said radio stopped working when he hooked up the winch so possibly a simple fix like a fuse

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