Hey guys, I’m only posting this here because I believe all the steering racks/EPS systems are relatively identical.

So I have 130 miles on my 17 900S EPS and I was riding today and smacked a rock.

I was going down a pretty steep down hill, riding in a deep wash out, and my driver side front tire managed to find a rock and yank it out of the ground. Mind you, I was going about 5-10mph and stopped instantly. I got out to look, expecting damage due to how violent the sudden stop was and I could see nothing at all (I hit the rock on the tire) so I continued down the long down hill and noticed my steering wheel was right of center when I was going straight.

After I got to the bottom I stopped with my wheel centered and looked and my tires where straight. So I kept riding thinking maybe I was going crazy. But throughout the day I notice the wheel wasn’t straight when I was driving straight.

Well after I got home I make a few trips up and down the driveway and this is what I came up with.

Not moving, the wheel and tires point correctly.

Just off idle (moving) the wheel turns super easy to the right, but the tires remain ALMOST straight.

I noticed, it only acts up if I’m moving, every time I move.

The center of the steering wheel points at appox. 2 o’clock when moving.

Any ideas on what I did? Would this classify as a warranty job? I’ve only had it 3 weeks (as of tomorrow)

Any help is appreciated! Sucks I messed up my new machine.

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