I went for a ride at the near by mud park not too long ago and got stuck in a hole. A lot of grinding and popping happened and it wouldn’t completely engage in 4×4. Finally got winched out and headed back to the truck and continued to grind for the next minute or so then quit.

After letting it sit long enough in the garage deciding what to do with it I decided on doing the repair myself. The front dif was my first assumption since 4×4 was not working. After some research through the forums I found a post about being able to turn the driveshaft by hand and it being the snorkel gear. As I read around on the rzr transmissions I found it wasn’t a very hard tas. So assuming that was the only thing wrong with it I then decided I would attempt the repair myself.

First thing I did was print out the transmission section of the manual to be able to follow step by step. I removed the transmission carefully labeling and placing all bolts in separate bags, since this is my first one. I separated the case and removed the shafts in appropriate order. I removed all 4 allen bolts to the bearing retainer and pulled the sub pinion gear and shaft out. Finally I could see the problem. The sub pinion gear is chewed up as well as the snorkel gear and a piece of the case. I realize the case is pretty much no good now and will need to be replaced but I wanted to remove the snorkel gear anyway just for practice. So I extracted the seal and then went to unscrew the snorkel tube using a combination of allen wreches and a screw driver. It turned smoothly for about a full turn and then stopped. Now I can’t get it to turn either way. Am I forgetting anything or are there any suggestions? Any advice is greatly appreciated!

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