I have a 2018 Polaris RZR 4 Dynamix, so 2 weeks ago, we got hit by a Can-Am on a trail here in AZ. Insurance company found $12,500 in damage. I am going to be doing the repairs myself since I think they aren’t to bad. I own a few wrenches and think I can do this.

The dealer said the front frame should be replaced. The only damage I can see to it is one of the control arm mounts got blown out. I think I can get someone to weld on a new plate. Everything else appears to be bolt on items and they included everything if it was nicked. I added up what I think needs replaced and came up with about $1600. I am going video the repairs and rebuild on YouTube. If anyone has any advice or suggestions, I am open to listening. I am including a link below to the video. If you are interested in watching the repairs please subscribe.

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