hey guys!
I’m new to the forum, this is my first post lol I’ve done a lot of reading around though and there is tons of good info here!!

my question to the “experienced” is I’m hopefully going to pick up a new to me 2014 xp 1000. i have already checked it out, its a beautiful machine. i couldn’t find anything wrong with it at all. it is super low hours, 29.5 hours after my test ride, slightly under 500 miles. he’s asking a good price too. he is the original owner and “claims” he bought it on an impulse buy and hardly ever uses it, and that he mostly rode it around the neighborhood with his little kid. which it looks like its hardly been off-road. i didn’t buy it when i was there the first time because his bank had the title, told him to get the title and we would talk. he now has the title in hand and i wanna buy it lol

being that this is my first off road machine, what specifically should i look for on the 14 model? the recalls have not been done because the local dealer didn’t have the parts in stock and he didn’t want it sitting outside at the dealer for weeks. clean title, no weird noises, oil is clean looking. what all do i need to check out before closing the deal? any advice would be greatly appreciated.

thanks in advance!
(im also very mechanically inclined, so that may help)

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