Like the title says – and I’m pretty confused on this one. I have the True Am smart battery isolator with voltage meters hooked to my dual batt setup. I believe this functions properly according to the tests, although I haven’t driven the rzr yet to find out.
One battery is dedicated to the ecu/starter and the other battery is strictly accessories. It runs a winch which I’ve had for a while, a subwoofer, and a Wetsounds Stealth 10. I installed a main disconnect on the negative terminal of the accessory battery to cut ghost voltage drains for extended periods of storage. The battery isolator does not run through the disconnect.

So here’s what’s going on – the sound bar signal output runs through a switch so I can toggle the sub on or off. The switch lights up when the key is on and turns off with the key off despite the switch position.

NOW when I use the main disconnect to turn off everything, the switch lights back up! I’m getting 9 volts on it for some reason. When i hit the disconnect it comes on slowly, not like when the key is turned on.

Can anyone lend any insight? I’m racking my brain on this one!

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