I’m looking to find a good deal on mids/highs this weekend for Black Friday.
I’m not sure whether I want to use a soundbar to tie in with a separate sub and amp, or use speaker pods.
My main concern is water proofing and sound quality. I need it to withstand wet conditions like rain, although it will be stored indoors.

Im looking at ssv sound systems for their speaker pods or perhaps the wet sounds stealth 10 or power bass xl1200. I like that the sound bars don’t need separate amps.

I normally run raw drivers in my car audio installations, so I don’t like the whole flashy speaker nonsense and how they don’t give real detailed specs for the drivers used in their systems, but I’m coming to terms with it.

I don’t need bass out of this set up just for reference, really just mids and highs. Can anyone comment on what would be the cleanest sounding at high volumes? And what gets loud enough to match with my sub?

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