Picked up my 2017 RZR 900S a few weeks ago and it has been an absolute blast! Coming from ATVs and dirtbikes it is such a unique driving experience. I quickly found that I was going to need a set of rear view mirrors since its tough to turn around and see whats behind you especially when wearing a helmet.

I first ordered the ATV Tek center mirror but was unable to mount it the way I wanted due to having a custom cage. I returned this model and picked up a set of the SPAuto side mirrors and they are just what I wanted.


I was able to mount them to the cage using the included bracket and rubber pads. The set comes with 2 different size brackets and rubber pads. I used the smaller bracket and larger rubber pad (cut down to size) to secure them to my cage. What I like most about these mirrors is that they can be adjusted to pretty much any angle by removing the center allen head bolt and then pulling out on the lower portion of the mirror where the bracket attaches and rotate. I used blue loc tite on all of the screws when installing. I have put around 40 miles of trail riding on the machine with the mirrors and they have not moved from the original position. I feel much more aware of what is behind me after installing these. Fun, easy to do project.

Now I just need to find a bracket to attach my 32in light bar to the cage.

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