Hi everybody, guessing by now most folks have seen or heard about the recent price increase on the SBT.
While we have really strived for the past year to sell our parking brake at a reasonable $50, we have come to a crossroads in the business arena.
With the cost of doing business, especially here in Cali, we have come to a point that we must adjust our prices to be able to stay in business.

We fully believe that we have the very simplest to install and use parking brake for both the RZR and General models on the market today, and supply a product that is 100% made and assembled here in the USA.

With our new lockable versions(***theft deterrent***) for both the RZR’s and Generals being on the market at about the $80 range, we are still at a very competitive price point, and offering the easiest to install and use parking brake for all of our riding family. (About 1/2 the cost of the other lockable unit).
We are still trying to keep our price on the lower end of the “parking brake” list, for a product that anybody that doesn’t ride in the Wal-Mart parking lot knows we all need.

Thankyou to all of that have we met and and have supported us up to this point. And we look forward to meeting more folks along the way.

Spring Brake Thingy will continue to strive to provide you with the highest quality USA built product, customer service and affordability that is out there.

We also have another very cool theft deterrent option coming up soon for your RZR investment.

Thanks again,
Spring Brake Thingy

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