So just got done installing Alba’s Stage 2 cam shafts on my rzr 900 XP and also installed heavy duty buckets and beehive valve springs.

Got Cylinder head installed back and torqued correctly with new head bolts, everything set in timing and all the nuts on cam carriers etc were torqued correctly and in sequence.

Went to fire it and it wouldnt fire, but would turn over. After going through a series of diagnostics and looking into intakes could tell that not all the valves were depressing. Popped the valve cover and saw that the cam shaft was broke right past the first bearing and then the cam carrier on the intake side was cracked off at the side.

I know cam shafts are hardened, thus making them brittle and I wonder if they were cracked from the get go during shipping, etc and then the pressure from them depressing the valves during it turning over caused it to snap and the pressure caused the carrier to snap being as its only aluminum.

Any ideas?

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