Shane sold me a 2016 RZR 570. 900 miles on it & I paid $8k. I live in Kansas so I was unable to look at the machine myself. I asked him several questions about its condition both physically & mechanically & was told it needed nothing & was in excellent condition. Purchased it based on his word & paid another $700 to have it shipped to me. Upon receiving the machine these are most of the problems that were found with it. Going on 3 weeks now & they have done nothing to make it right.
RZR had been flipped on its right side. Fenders are cracked, door frame is bent, it won’t latch correctly and flies open when it feels like it. Bed has several cracks & holes in it. All 4 wheel bearings are shot, outer tie rod ends have 1/2” of play in them, headlights only had one screw in them, hood flies off, roll cage & roof are scratched up horribly on the right side, light bar that came with it does not function, drivers seat latch is completely broken away from the base so the seat will not lock down, brake pad material is almost completely gone, center seat belt cover is just gone, front sway bar is literally cracked clean in half. I could go on for another 10 minutes about problems this thing has. Shane knew I was buying it for my 12 year old son & in its current condition it is completely unsafe to drive. Pulled one of the hubs off & the bearings just fell out, no grease, just rusty ball bearings. I can’t beleive a dealership of this size would let a machine with this many problems out the door. I have several pictures & videos documenting the problems. I will be filing a complaint with the BBB & the Kentucy State Attorney General. I also plan in getting an attorney involved. It’s been 3 weeks & now I can’t get Shane to respond to my calls or text & the GM has never made an attempt to contact me. I’m sure several people may have had no issues buying from this compant this was just my personal experience with them. Complety deceitful & dishonest selling practices. I have several pictures & videos documenting the damage this RZR has which I will be sending along with my complaints. As a general rule I beleive there are always 2 sides to every story but in this case I was sold a machine that was in nowhere near the condition the salesman told me it was & I have documented evidence to prove that. I’m not one for bashing anyone over a single bad experience but this is by far some of the worst service I have ever received. I was lied to about its condition & the dealership has made no attempt at all to make it right.

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