Went to install a new super atv rear bumper on my 2017 XP 1000 and ran into a major issue.

I removed the radius bolts and mounting plate. Cut the heat shield and drilled the frame just like instructions said.

Then went to install lower bumper and found that the supplied bolts M10’s are smaller diameter than what the stock radius arm bolts are. My stock bolts won’t fit thru the bumper holes or the spacers. Of course the supplied M10s have to much slop in the radius are sleeves.

My suspicion is super atv doesn’t know the radius arms on the reflex blue 2017.5 are the same size as Attachment 425017the larger turbos. And this larger mounting bolts.

I really don’t want to drill the bumper, the spacers and go find longer stock diameter bolts.

Or am I missing something?? Can bolts that don’t fill the sleeves be used?? Doesn’t seem right.

Pic shows my stock diameter bolt not fitting thru bumper. Other pic shows diameter of largest supplied bolt and slop in sleeve.

Attachment 425009

Attached Thumbnails



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