While trying to help a friend last weekend I pulled the synthetic rope out of the SW terra 45. I installed it new and was surprised that the SuperWinch uses a set screw to hold the rope to the drum. The winch I took off the bike was a Polaris 3500 that the rope pulled through and secured with a knot at the end. To me this seems much better considering how easily the rope came out of the SW 45.

We went back to our camp site I tried to put the winch rope back in and lost the set screw in the grass. This brings me to my question… The SW rope gets shaved down to fit through the drum. Should I shave a larger section off the rope so I can just tie a knot in it or try to locate another set screw. Trying to ride this weekend and would much rather have it secured to the winch drum. I know I’m going to need it…

Thanks in advance,

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