I’ve got a 2017 rzr 1000 4 seat turbo with the factory stock fox suspension. I spend a lot of time in Moab Utah crawling with great success and comfort with the Fox suspension. While I go with the wife I find I really like the adjustable shocks because it gives her a lot more comfort on the bumpy trails, and with all her medical issues it really gives her to enjoy without making her hurt for multiple days after.

While the suspension is really good, I find in Moab, even with 32’s, I do a lot of dragging and the suspension just needs a little more travel to ensure we don’t end up on our top on the more technical off camber sections. I’ve heard King makes a good kit that gives a little more lift and travel, but my concern is down grading unknowingly without having info from people that have actually done the change with great results. Like I said earlier the fox setup is really great with the comfort and travel but I would like the extra 2 inches maybe on the lift and the better travel.

Also right now I haven’t pulled the sway bar during crawling because of fear of damaging my shocks or an axel because there is no safety strap. I don’t know if this would give me the extra travel I would need on the off camber but I want to ensure no damage comes to the Fox set up I have now. Thanks up front for all the help and I look forward to having a great discussion on ways to do crazier stuff in Moab safely! Thanks

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