So i have a few questions for a trip i’m planning in the summer of 2019. I asked a few of these questions in the Taylor Park threads, but i don’t think anyone is scrolling that far down in the treads yet lol.

Question 1. I’d like to see what everyones input on how many days at Taylor Park reservoir is perfect ie. (not too short or too long, where you run out of trails and stuff to do in the area).

Question 2. Same question for the San Juan Mountain area. (Ouray, Silverton, Lake City, Telluride etc) How many days in this area seems to be perfect for everyone? To me this area seems like it’ll have more to do around these small towns for the whole family, besides just riding the SXSs.

Question 3. Whats the Best Lodging for the San Juan Mountain, Alpine Loop area? I know Silverton lets UTVs ride on half the side of the city, which could be pretty conveniet. Then there’s Lake City where it’s legal to drive throughout the whole city, besides main highways. Then theirs Ouray and Telluride that requires you to trailer to the trail heads. I’m up for any of these locations if anyone has some personnel preferences to either. (It’ll be a total of 6 adults (3 couples), 2 teens and two 11 year old kids).

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