Well just had a terrible experience at Temecula Motorsports in Southern California. Bait and Switch Sales Experience that I just can’t not share. I am literally still in the car driving home. Well my wife is since I just had knee surgery…we had spoke to the sales guys clearly about one vehicle andnegotiated a price over the phone since we are about 1 1/2 hours away one way. Get their they try and sit us down to sign papers without looking first hand at the vehicle which is odd. As soon as I see the vehicle they had sent me pics of the sales guy is like no not that one that one is heavily modified… has a kicker stereos and a cheap but nice aftermarket roof and they tell me “no that one lists for $35,000..”. such a lie and is clearly the vehicle we had negotiated on. They try and tap dance and spew some BS., Bottom line the sales department at Temecula Motorsports is not to be trusted. TAKE YOUR BUSINESS ELSEWHERE TO MORE HONEST AND DESERVING PEOPLE! (This is not something I like to do btw)

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