Hey guys – looking at 4 seaters. I have narrowed my search down to the following 3 models:

I believe these are all 2017’s. I don’t plan on buying anything until next year, which likely be looking at 2018’s.
(current pricing at Abernathy’s)

Rzr S4 900 $15,394
11.5ft long 60 inches wide
12.5 inch ground clearance
Weight 1476lb

Rzr XP 4 1000 $16,994
12.1ft long and 64 inch wide
13.5 inch ground clearance
Weight 1565lb

General 4 1000 $18,094
12.5ft long 62.5 inches wide3
12 inch ground clearance
Weight 1857

What would you pick and why?

I was originally drooling over the General 4. But, price tag, ground clearance and weight (in terms of how hard to “un-stuck” it!) are really making me think twice. I ride with a buddy who has a commander and I love the extra room he has with the bed compared to my rzr800s.

But I’m thinking the S4 900 would be able to fit more stuff between the kids back there… and plenty of stuff when we ride without the kids. It is smaller than the general, a lot lighter, .5 inch extra GC… oh, and $2700 cheaper!

Yes, I did not include the turbo. No turbo for me.. too much power and would hurt myself! lol we ride tight trails and absolutely no need for 100hp let alone 160+ or whatever it is….

In terms of reliability — looking for major issue’s such as the 800 pinion nut, is there anything awful like that with the current 4 seaters? I feel going from 8.5 ft to 11.5 ft will be a challenge. Anyone else make the 2 – 4 seat jump?

Thanks everyone – can’t wait to see your responses!

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