This has probably been one of those topics that has been beat to death,…but here goes.

I have a 2018 xp turbo that is just…simply put….an animal.
I ride a lot of trails that have mud bogs, tree stumps, tight corners thru rocky areas etc. Some of the mud bogs are in wooded areas.
Here’s my problem. This machine, being a turbo, has so much balls, that when I am trying to blast my way out of a bog or give it going up a hill thru the trees, It does break loose. It came with Maxxis bighorns, which I used to think are a great tire and even put them on my 2016 rzr eps trail as soon as I bought it, because they seem to be a good all around tire.
I have done a little research and found out that the stock tires that come on it(maxxis bighorn), are not the same as the bighorns that you buy aftermarket.
They do have one thing in common tho,….they are all 6 ply tires.
Id like to get some feedback on what guys are running for tires on they’re rzrs that are going thru this type of terrain. I’m thinking an 8 ply tire is going to be a much stronger sidewall, and wondering where or what to buy now. I’ve already put 2 new tires on the rear and at 300 bucks each here in Ontario, its not a wallet friendly proposition. And yes, I drive it like I stole it, so the easy answer would be don’t drive like that, but hell, that’s why I bought the big gun! LOL. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks. :wink

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