So, I pinched the sidewall in my almost new tire. I took a bad line with a little too much speed and “thud” rattled my teeth. The last creek crossing of the day after a fantastic ride. I thought, “no big, I’ve hit hard before”.

Two hours later I notice the front left tire was flat. Ugh, it’s on the sidewall right near the bead. I knew the odds of fixing this was slim. I did confirm the leak down time, the leak was significant enough to deflate the tire completely in about two hours. I also used some soap and water to confirm the leak location. (see foamy section on the sidewall in pic link below) :crying

I’d heard about a product that supposedly permanently fixes sidewall punctures as well as tread. The product is Tireject. I ordered it and thought I would give it a try. 😐

The $30 kit contained two 10oz bags of Tireject liquid, a syringe and two red valve stem caps. I put in the 20oz of blueish watery liquid, the recommended amount for a 30×10-15. To install you remove the valve from the valve stem, with the provided tool, and squirt in the fluid, I didn’t have to use the syringe plunger because the syringe body acted as a funnel allowing all the liquid to drain into the tire.

After replacing the valve, you are supposed to add air and ride for 5 minutes. I am in town and in my garage, so I jacked up the front left tire and spun it by hand for 5 minutes. I measured the psi and I had only put 5psi in the tire, so I put in additional air until I was at my normal riding pressure of 12psi.

One hour later it was at 8psi. The bubbles were still bubbling, although they were at a reduced rate. I thought I probably messed up by only having 5psi and the fact my “by hand” 5 minute spin probably wasn’t great. So, at this point I put about 17.5psi and spun an additional 5 minutes.

Another hour passed and I was at about 17psi with minimal bubbling, more like a little foaming. This was a great sign, so I made plans to take it to the farm and “stress” test it. :smile

The next day I loaded it up, the tire pressure was right at 17psi with very slight foaming from the soapy water. I rode for one hour or so and beat on it some. :surprise This did include some road time with sustained speeds of 30-50mph and I did not experience anything negative with tire balance.

The final result, zero pressure loss during the ride and no more foaming from the pinch. This will definitely be sufficient for an all-day ride. Hopefully the fix is permanent. I will definitely carry this kit with me on the trail. I think the product may have saved me about $175. :grin

Some pictures for reference:

Side note: The tires are Tusk Warthogs (No Limit Patriots). Fantastic tire, but the discount Tusk version is no longer available. The pinch is right above the “u” in Tusk.

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