Now I know I am going to get a bunch of various responses to this, but here goes.

So I have a 2011 rzr 800 S. Runs great and has all the accessories I want on it. Has about 2600 miles. I am needing tires for it, so I was also considering upgrading machines. I really don’t want to buy new because don’t feel like tying that much money up. I can pay cash for a new one at this point, but as I look at the used market I am going to get smoked on my 800. They just aren’t worth much around here at this point. I guess because they are discontinued.

With that said, I ride WV hills with several 900’s and 570’s. I have zero problems keeping up with them. Now when we hit a long coal road the 900 will walk away from me, but those are short lived and then I am right back on his tail and that is with bald tires slipping and sliding. Maybe I just have less fear and ride faster in the tight woods. Grew up riding dirt bikes very fast in the woods.

My delima is should I look at upgrading? Are parts going to be harder to get soon? What happens when I need an engine rebuild. Don’t want to be stuck with something broke that I can’t fix because lack of parts to fix it. Or is that something 5 or 10 years down the road to worry about?

Your thoughts?

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