Hows it going everyone. You may have seen, We are trying to get our YouTube Channel up and trying to attract subscribers. Just wanted to share a video we just posted of the RZR Turbo hitting some trails down here in the south and get your feedback. It was bit wet in some areas, so we defiantly got to put the Snorkel Your ATV kit to the test. Towards the end the CVT exhaust did come loose (install error) and the belt ended up getting wet. Luckily we were able to fix it on the trail enough to get home. Cleaned it up and no damage this time. Ill absolutely need to seal that CVT Exhaust a little better before we go out again. If you like this type of video and want to see more, please Like, Comment, and Subscribe to the channel.

As a side note, we are trying to find copyright free music that we can use and that has been a huge challenge. If anyone knows where we can find good background music, please let us know.

Thanks everyone for watching!

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