Ok i came here to seek wisdom… I really need some help. If I had about $50,000 this would be easy but I don’t. Please don’t beat on me to bad… so, I am in the market for a Sis. I’ve never owned one. My max budget is going to be about $15000. Here is where I am at…
I can pick up the following new machines for these prices and I would just like input on each machine. I am mainly trail riding,hunting, long rides sometimes, and plowing snow.

2017 570 EPS $9950 (OLD STOCK)- yes the 570 will do what I need but I don’t want buyers remorse.

2018 RZR 900 EPS Ghost Grey $14500- I really like the way this thing looks and feels sitting in the seat. Upper end of budget but lots of accessories.

(Ok here is where you guys are gonna tear me to peices)

2018 Can am commander DPS $12200- IMO this is a nice balance of sport and work. I really like how these feel in the cockpit. I like the functioning bed.

2018 CF MOTO z force 800ex $11800- I like the look of this but it really scares me. Everything I have researched is either really good or really bad! I like the machine though BUT I don’t know if it will last. I typically keep these things a while. I’ve only had 2 atvs in 23 years they have both been Suzuki and held up well.

That’s what I am narrowed down too guys. The 570 has a very sexy price and it is the most tempting…. then I lean at the commander and then the 900 s and z force last. So if anyone has input on each machine please help me out. I just think i need help from people that’s been down this road.

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