Good Evening,

I have a 16′ open trailer that I’ve always just had my XP4 1000 on solo. I pull forwards as far as it will go and everything tows great. Its a tandem axle trailer with the axles more towards the rear than the front.. off centered.

This weekend I need to throw two dirtbikes on the trailer as well. Together they will be about 500 lbs.

Trying to figure best way to do it. Thinking of:

Both dirtbikes all the way forward with rzr pulled forward up against them. Hoping that the 500lbs of tongue weight will offset the RZR engine being behind the axles (about 4 feet behind).

Or I could:

One dirtbike front one in back and get about another foot forward on the axle.


Both dirtbikes up front and back the rzr onto the trailer. My only concern with this is all the tongue weight that will be on my F150.

Any thoughts? I need to take this thing to the public scales and get it down that way.. but no time. Not sure how much more weight there is on the back of the RZR vs the front.

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