On our last trip out a couple months back at hatfield and macoys my rzr broke down (long story). I had to get towed out about 20 miles back to the trailhead. We were clipping along at 10 to 15 mph and all of a sudden my rzr started making this god awful sound (think baseball cards in bicycle spokes) but louder and metalic coming from the rear end. Before I could turn the key and hit my horn for my towing buddy to stop, the sound just suddenly went away. The sound went on for about 5 seconds or so then stopped. We stopped and I got out and looked around, hoping it was a stick or something caught somewhere but couldn’t find anything. Now I’m thinking it must have slipped into gear somehow, but shifter was still in neutral position. :surprise

So the next morning I get it in to a nearby polaris dealer and they got me up and running in no time, was back on the trails an hour later. Now riding it, I’m hearing that metal machine gun sound every 5 minutes or so, the sound lasts for a couple seconds then goes away. Now I’m starting to think it slipped into gear and my transmission is damaged. Thoughts?

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