I posted something similar on a different section of the forum, but was wondering what others thoughts would be on their idea of an ultimate trail machine. A trail machine not restricted to 50 inch trails, but more suited for fast twisty terrain like hatfield and macoys. Something with a smaller footprint, shorter wheelbase and tighter turning radius than an XP. That would be the 1000S, right?

Looking at Polaris new offerings this year, looks like the bigger machines got all the love. Not much change to the S line. I considered buying a 2018 1kS, can’t get over the one color scheme offered, and I think (hope) they will come out with something completely different in a couple years.

My idea of the ultimate trail machine would first be to steal the looks of an X3. The wife and I sat in one recently. They do make the rzr look out dated, very cool and futuristic looking. This all new platform would be around 62 inches wide. It would have a much shorter, sleeker and beefier cage. It would come with better springs that won’t sag after a month. The current rzr seating positions would remain the same for optimal visability. The interior would get a modern facelift and a bit more storage. It would come stock with 28 or 29 inch 8 ply tires. It would also be offered in more then one color and not look like a third grade finger painting. It would be in the neighborhood of 130 hp.

I might be dreaming, but I’m gonna hang on to my 900S for a while and see what happens in the next couple years. Curious to see what others ideas of the ultimate trail machine would be.

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