Wife’s machine – 2015 RZR 570
My Machine – 2016 RZR 900S EPS (with bump seat)

Quick Story: We need more seating! We have these at our cottage and seam to run into seating issues all the time and we have missed a few rides this summer because of it. So… we need a 4 seater.

The plan is to sell my wife’s 570, give her my 900S (dammit) and buy a 4 seater for me to haul everyone when I’m not riding with buddies. There’s a lot of deals on a RZR 4 900 but I don’t want a lateral move with more weight and a bigger vehicle.

My budget has brought me to two viable options:

Option 1)
2016 Can-Am® Maverick™ MAX X® ds TURBO 1000R
Used with 200 miles and pristine condition. Few accessories & warranty

Option 2)
NEW 2017 Polaris RZR XP® 4 1000 EPS White Lightning

The Can-am is cheaper by about $1000.

I really don’t know much about the can-am’s. I have no complaints with my Polaris either.

From what I can see on paper, the can-am is the far superior machine.

What’s your thoughts?

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