I have a 2016 Polaris XP 1000 Highlifter two seater. Currently have SuperATV 3″-5″ lift, 4″ Gen 2 Portals, and BKT AT 171 35″X9″-20″ tires, and had all new springs and dampening mods by Shock Therapy.

I live in Baton Rouge Louisiana and everyone rides 0 – 20 miles an hour chasing water and mud holes.

I put Hunterworks secondary clutch rollers in at 500 miles on my first secondary clutch and you could already see/feel the square slider wear. I also installed a Dalton clutch kit (not the whole Dalton new clutches kit) and a Gates Carbon belt. All of it worked great and the Gates belt ran smooth and quiet.

I had to get a new secondary clutch, freak damage from a broke axle poking into the actual clutch, so I installed new rollers in the new secondary before it ever went on. Plus I swapped the Dalton parts over. I also installed a new Gates Carbon belt since I was already in there. The odometer had 1200 miles.

At 2,000 miles on my machine and it really started to jerk from take off in low or high. It really sounded like my transmission was letting loose. I’ve broken enough axles to know that sound. The noise didn’t change after installing new SuperATV Rhino axles and their new heavy duty prop shafts (front & rear) and hanger bearing. The original prop shaft U-joints and hanger bearing were getting bad so I had hoped the jerky starts would be gone. Still the same.

I bought the transmission SKF bearing kit, all new OEM seals & orings, and the Polaris sealant. I was planning to rebuild the transmission and see if I had other problems. I also bought the new HW Quiet Thick XP 1000/XP4 14-19 Belt.

I decided to install the new HW Belt first. The old Gates Carbon belt looked great. I thought it might have a few flatter spots or glaze from being really stuck at times and you catch a whiff of your belt.

After installing the new HW Quiet Thick Belt, the noise was completely gone whether starting off slow or fast in high or low. It is like it is fluid drive. I was happy it wasn’t the transmission that I will still rebuild but not right now. I never thought a new belt could make such a difference.

Then I wondered how fast the smoothness would disappear when the slightly thicker new belt wears thinner. That was several hundred miles ago and it is still fluid drive smooth.

Thanks Hunterworks!

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