I had planned to spend 2-3 months in Arizona this winter and to do some trail riding while I was here. Over the past couple months, I looked up the requirements to ride here. Thought I understood, but apparently not. I went to get an OHV sticker and was told that I would have to pay over $1000 to Arizona because I had to title the RZR in Arizona to get the OHV Decal. Are they crazy or what? $1000 to go ride offload? We don’t have to title a RZR in Alabama since they classify it as an offload vehicle. I have the Manufacture Statement of Origin and the Bill of Sale from the Dealer. I paid sales tax when I bought the RZR, not about to pay it again just to ride for 2-3 months. At first I thought that this was just the location I was trying to get the decal so I tried two other locations and was told the same thing. Only difference was they calculated the cost between $980 and $1080. All my friends said they registered their RZR for about $30. What the deal? Does the State of Arizona hate people from Alabama or what?

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