A group of us all have 900/1000s or XP1000. I am thinking we build up a spares kit to keep at camp based on stuff we have already broken. We typically don’t ride so far from camp we would bring this stuff with us. But a weekend would be ruined if we broke it and couldn’t fix it in a couple hours. This is different than the lists of stuff that people bring on the trail.

What do you guys bring to keep at camp?

I am thinking:

– complete axle assembly (R)
– CV boot kit
– wheel/tire (front)
– tie-rod?
– 1 liter oil
– another belt(s) (we carry spare with us on the trail)
– wiring bundle with heat shrink, extra generic wire spool
– nuts and bolt packs
– lug nuts
– Polaris body clips, body bolts
– duct tape, zip ties, hose clamps
– jack
– socket set
– bit driver set
– pliers, snips
– beer

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