We have a 2012 XP 900. Saturday we got a flat 20 miles from our rig but on a fair dirt trail/road. The flat wouldn’t hold a plug or air as it had a cut on the sidewall. We limped back with the flat on the rim. It`s a wake up call as we ride alone mostly and I am fat and out of shape 75 year old. I am aware I probably should carry a spare. Where do you that carry them like to put them on the machine and with what brand mount? I have a rag top and if we do get one I suppose I also should get a hard roof. Wife insists on taking the house with us and we have a swing up rack she engineered and had a guy build plus we both are big and tall. I would use the same front 26 x 9 tire as they tell me it will be okay if the wider rear 26X11 blew. Any advice? Here is a picture of our machine.

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