Hey guys I have been dealing with this problem for a while, at first i thought my clutches were making the noise but I put another set of cluthces off another rzr and same noise and put my cluthches on his and no noise. I have taken transmission out and tore it down found one bearing at the end of snorkle tube that was questionable so i replaced it and everything else looked fine, put transmission back in and same noise. Any of you guys have this issue. Is there a gear in there that has a reputation for going bad. I am not a transmission specialist at all, I just aint affraid to dig in lol. I am trying to fix this problem I am goin to pull transmission again and look hard but I would say I did that last time. This is a gear whine. It makes no noise full throttle accelerating. no noise at full let off throttle, its whining when like not under load like running steady at any spead where you are kinda feathering throttle to keep what ever speed you are trying to run. Any ideas I would appreciate, I am trying to fix but dont want to buy a ll the internals if not necessary. I was happy and disappointed to not find something chewed up, but something is definately not rite. there is a lot of metal on the drain plug when you change, I mean alot this is my 5th rzr so i know u get a little shavings but this is a lot something is wearing but its not standing out. Thanks yall!

2017 RZR XP 1000 High Lifter

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